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Automated support ticket creation - emailing support


From February 1st,2016 Geoscanners support emails are automatically diverted to this on-line helpdesk and each email will create a support ticket.

Each support ticket gets assigned with a unique ticket ID number and the system sends to you an automatic reply including the link to your created support ticket.

Please try to make the subject of your email concise and relevant to the support request that you have. Avoid using  Re: , Fwd: ... in the subject of the email you are sending to Geoscanners AB support.

If a support ticket related to a particular problem has been assigned to you, please do not answer or send new emails concerning the same problem - use the message reply in the support ticket interface.  This will help us remove unnecessary clutter from the database of open support tickets.

Thank you,

Geoscanners AB Team

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