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Adding GPS units to your Geoscanners system


Geoscanners AB GPR systems can be connected to GPS units during the collection time in order to acquire positioning information together with the GPR data.

The GPS implementation is transparent and does not have a special/preferred manufacturer or type of GPS units (A-GPS, RTK...) that you can use.

There are only two requirements for connecting the GPS unit/getting the GPS information:

1. The selected GPS unit has to be able to connect to a serial COM port (USB, RS-232,Bluetooth) on the computer you are using for the collection of the data.

2. GPS information output from the GPS unit has to be using the standard NMEA0183 protocol

Once you have connected your GPS unit, you only have to select the proper COM port number and Baud rate in the GAS software (Global settings-->Sensors tab).

Although we support connecting to any serial COM port connection the preferred connection is through Bluetooth since neither we or our customers encountered any problems so far with this type of connection.

Some of our customers experienced problems with USB connections and/or USB<->RS-232 converters  due to poorly written GPS unit drivers or hardware conflicts with the converter issues.

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