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Battery requirements


Geoscanners AB systems are battery operated and it may be the case that the battery was not in the scope of the delivery or that the original battery has lost its capacity due to aging and usage.

In any of these two cases you should have no problem replacing the original battery or  purchasing a battery available in your local market.

For gel lead acid battery specification please make sure to search for good quality 12 VDC, 7Ah. Keep in mind that you can always purchase a 12VDC batter with higher Amper hour capacity, but note that the weight of bigger batteries could become a burden. Also it is not mandatory to use gel lead acid battery, but it is a bit safer since gel batteries are more leakage proof.

For LiIon battery replacement search for DR202S Li Ion battery (11.1VDC,6.6Ah). This particular type of Lithium ion battery has been used in many different industries and equipment powerpacks, so it is relatively easy to locate one from different manufacturers.




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