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Installing the control unit drivers on Windows OS


Although our units are using a standard FTDI USB communication electronics, it is mandatory to use only the drivers provided by Geoscanners AB with our systems. Minor differences  between driver versions can disrupt the communication protocol workflow and stop the unit/software from responding. To install the proper drivers for your GPR system please follow these instructions:

  1. Disable windows operating system automatic drivers update to avoid the proper divers being overwritten by a newer version or Windows OS trying to install the drivers for you. (see attached example image)
  2. Copy and unpack the drivers provided by Geoscanners AB to a folder you can easily locate (example: C:\DriversForAkula\)
  3. Connect the Akula9000 to the computer and turn it on
  4. Open the device manager and search for Akula9000 or Serial Converter device in the list (most of the times it is an unknown device - search for a yellow triangle with exclamation mark in it)
  5. Right click and select to update drivers
  6. Select to manually browse for the drivers (do not allow Windows to choose drivers automatically)
  7. Select the folder where you have the drivers provided from Geoscanners AB and press OK
  8. On some OS versions, there will be an extra device recognized, called serial port. Just repeat steps 3-5.


You can download the drivers for your Windows operating system from the following  links.

For Windows XP:

For Windows 7:

For Windows 8:

For Windows 8.1:


DriverUpdateDisable.png DriverUpdateDisable.png

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