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Download GPRSoft PRO trial version (latest)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you very much for your interest in our products.

You can download the latest version of GPRSoft PRO demo from this link:

The Trial version has all the functionality of the full PRO version(except 3D) and you can use it for 15 days after registration. Install the software in your PC. When you start the program for the first time,the registration window appears. Send a screenshot (or just the computer name information) to Inside 48 hours the software registration team will provide you with a licence registration key to input in the registration window.

Keep in mind that during the registration process you have to be connected to the internet in order for the licence registration key to be activated.

If you experience any problems with the installation or usage of the software please contact us.

Please note that the Demo version does not entitle you to full support on the software.

We would like to emphasize that if you choose to buy the full 32-bit version, you will have access to the 64-bit version and vice verse as well. We do not charge extra for different OS, we charge only for the license. Also all of our customers are entitled to one year free support including minor and major upgrades for the software.

A good source of information is the Ground Penetrating Radar forum, where you can ask questions and discuss GPR-related topics with other users.
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Best regards,

Geoscanners AB Team

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